Whatever your project: animation, commercial, audiobook, e-learning course, podcast or something else, I can take care of your voice narration needs.

I have a fairly neutral young adult sounding voice which I can mold to fit your project. I strive to find the core message or feeling you are trying to convey first and then bring that specific application of voice throughout the project, line by line, piece by piece, to create a recording that best suits the vision of your finished work.

If you have unique concerns or objectives for your project please discuss them with me and I will do my best to solve your voice narration issues and help you create and complete that fantastic project.

For most smaller projects I can get your recording to you in 24 hours, however depending on size and scope, we can discuss an appropriate timeline that is realistic and meets your needs. As for delivery, whether you prefer email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP or something else I will gladly accommodate you.

I record with a Rode NT1-A microphone through a PreSonus Eureka channel into an MBox2 and into ProTools recording software. If that sounds like gibberish to you, rest assured, what it means is that the finished product sounds professional. You can see my gear here.

Please contact me for voiceover services or any other questions.

call or text:917-328-7571