The human voice. The greatest thing on the planet. I have used mine professionally in several ways. I trained for years with Jim Lynn at the Voice Analysis Clinic in New York City. Lynn uses anatomy of voice and physics of sound principles to enable the vocalist to create pure and accurate vocal tone regardless of final application or genre. Thus, whether you want to be an opera singer, a voice narrator, or a growling rocker, when you start off with sound fundamentals of voice production you can then apply any style or performance on top of that foundation. This has become my philosophy of vocal production. From that principle I have been able to apply my voice as a pop-rock recording artist, a standup comedian, a theater and on-camera actor, and of course a voice actor. For development of my music recording projects, I trained under Gordon Grody whose most notable clients and colleagues include Lady Gaga, David Bowie, and Alicia Keys.

My voice narration style is quite simple. I approach each project as a clean slate, with an open mind, willing to go in whatever direction the piece demands and what the client desires. Similar to my experience as an actor on stage and on camera, I consider myself to be vocal clay, ready to be shaped by the needs of the product or artwork at hand. This is not to say that I don’t bring my own ideas and character into the game. Quite to the contrary, my experience in comedy and acting have prepared me to react creatively and spontaneously to any text with emotion energy and expression.

I hope I can fulfill your voiceover narration and acting needs. Please feel free to contact me for services or any questions.

call or text: 917-328-7571
email: service@aaronpeta.com


complete training

Gordon Grody, Vocal Coaching, New York
Jim Lynn, Voice Analysis Training, New York
Acting (Meisner), William Esper, New York
HB Studio, Full-Time Acting, New York
Speech For Stage, David Willinger
The Second City, Level C, Toronto
B.Sc. Integrative Media Practice, CUNY BA, Magna Cum Laude, New York
MALS coursework, Queens College, New York
On-Camera, Eric Loeb Studio, Eric Loeb, New York
Acting For Camera, Debra Baron, New York
Steve Marshall, Stand-Up Comedy Coaching, New York
The PIT-NYC, Drop-In, New York
Alexander Technique, SoHo Alexander Center, New York
Carrie Olsen Voiceover Success Intensive