I am an actor, and standup comedian. I try to say whatever comes to my mind, especially when writing bios, and doing standup comedy. I try to say what’s written in the script, especially when acting. I’ve performed with people who know famous people. I’ve performed at open mics with only one audience member, including myself. I’ve trained with mentors in numerous classes, mostly in New York City. I have tons of podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and blogs that I have not yet posted. I’ve recorded a rock album with great critical reviews. I’ve dropped out of grad school. I’ve been to Costa Rica. I’ve had dinner with Slash. I have a 1929 Fischer Baby Grand Piano which I will continue learning to play until the next big bang. I keep an open mind on all things, especially sides I just received at 1AM the night before the audition. I enjoy working with people and having fun.